Let me start with a rant.

I was at a water theme park attending the 6th birthday party of my younger ones friend. Ooh I was in a bad mood and everywhere I turned I found things wrong.

It started almost as soon as the party started and the event organizer gathered the kids around… all the kids just stood starting at her!!! And that was till some mom enlightened everyone that the kids (> 5 yr) speak only English. Oh no the EO was not speaking Swahili but their MOTHER TOUNGE. And the poor EO turned pale as she couldn’t speak in English. Well we had to then find a mom who could manage both and hurriedly finished cake cutting farce.

So what is with us middle class types and this aversion to our Moms tongue? And why is it only with the middle class of third world countries? Yes there I said it, that’s the reason – the branding. Is it? Are we trying to break free from this branding by emulating the first world countries?

(aside: Are there 2nd world countries? Let me just Google that. There are! More like there were…you see the equations have changed but looks like they (who?) have not redrawn the list.)

Anyway coming back I see all around me parents struggling with their limited English vocabulary to communicate with their children. Why? Why can’t they leave the English teaching to schools and books and TV (God knows the kids spend most of their waking time in front of that thing- another pet peeve!). How can parents with limited vocabulary in English ever expect to teach their kids the ways of the world, teach them good from wrong, ever have long meaningful conversations? What will happen with these Languages in the next generation? How will these kids talk to their grandmother? Sad!

The place was crowded for a weekday afternoon. Kids all over, 10 year old boys with man breasts and 7 year old girls with women breasts! That’s something I have to talk about on a later date, sorry no, not about breasts but childhood obesity. Coming back to the next irritant it was that 90% of the people there were either in their regular clothes, or wearing underwear beneath their swim wear(yes i stared!). I do not think people keep a pair of undies exclusively for wear in pools, they would just be sliping on the suit over whatever they came in? Showering before a swim, well that rule has not reached us in the 3rd world, middle rung!

There is another thing that we folks do best, piling on. Oh it is the cousins husbands sisters sister in laws wedding, of course we all should go, what will they think otherwise. At this birthday I saw whole families accepting the invitation to a 6 year olds birthday. Well I don’t claim that I haven’t taken both my kids when only one had been invited, but isn’t 4 kids plus 2 maids piling with chocolate sauce and nuts on top????