Tanjung Lasung is an area on the west coast of Java Island, a small secluded beach resort which somehow has become our most visited holiday spot.

A few months ago a friend called to ask my opinion about this resort as opposed to another more popular beach closer to Jakarta. I told her that I was to wrong person to direct that question to since I had been to TJ 9 times in the last 3 years.

Last week I made my 10th trip there!

During our initial days when we were sponging in any information on travel destinations somebody mentioned this place. I remember we were there the same weekend. It was also around this time that we discovered that one can see clearly under water while wearing goggles which meant you probably can see fishes that was under water, how exciting! Snorkeling was a word that was alien to us.

So the first time in TJ we took turns looking under the water with our goggles and were fortuitous to chance on a family of Nemo fishes. Our excitement was boundless. I think we all spent the rest of the stay looking at that amazing creation.

The next time to TJ was with family and I fortunately forgot to bring goggles which made us to ask around leading to eventually finding out that this was a popular snorkeling destination and that they rented out gear. I should say here that the sights we saw changed out life and I can rightfully say that because of us, there are few more AWARE people in this world

The beach at TJ is not ideal for swimming and there is never any waves except in a small stretch near the resort.

Here are some facts about the area.

It takes minimum 4 hours from Jakarta to get there. First 1.25 hrs is on the toll and the rest is through small inside roads. The roads have mostly been in excellent conditions. There are 4 resorts around there Kalicaa Villas, Bay Villas, Sailing Club and the Blue fish Hotel of which I have stayed in the first 3 and of which the 1st 2 are excellent.  I cannot say much about the food that is served in the restaurants though!