It started with that word. I was hearing it too many times, not just from my kids but from kids all around. I for one, am a person who believes that such a thing as boredom does not exist.

There are hundreds of things a kid or an adult can do apart from developing a hobby or studying or playing outdoors. He/she can watch TV or play on one of those brain numbing gadgets.  Also there is this absolutely wonderful thing called day dreaming. If ones mind is devoid of any ideas then sleeping is a great way to kill time.

I have seen at parties when there would be a bunch of kids all looking in different directions and going “it is so boring!!!” I remember when I was a kid, age didnt matter. If 2 or more members of the human tribe under 23 years of age got together then we just played! We did not have TV or DS etc back then but still we just played!!! Monopoly, scrabble, sat(hide and seek), dark room (ooh! how I loved that), badminton… Well, all I know is that we were never bored.

My next source of irritation is the word “tired”.  Kids seem tired all the time. Single bead of sweat is synonymous with tiredness. Is it global warming or is it the lifestyle change? but I cannot understand why healthy not-yet-hormonal kids should feel tired.

Sooooo, I banned the 2 words! To be only used in case of absolute necessity, never pertaining to themselves, and even so as the B-word and t-word.

Over time many have joined the list.

S-word – stupid (it is funny how this is the baddest word in the 6-year -old dictionary).

D-word is damn.

Why came and went.

F-word and MF-word my 9 year old is well aware of.

Tiger Mom – Rrrrrrrrrr!

I am sure many more words will come and go, but not for long, as we all know it is all a charade..They are humoring me by pretending to be afraid of saying these words. I know the heavens will not fall if they suggest that the book I choose for them is stupid!