The “Why” dilemma!

All and any of my instructions to my 6-year-old is greeted with a Why. This started a while ago and it really started to get on my nerves. I don’t have an answer to why a 5-year-old can’t eat gum or why she can’t have chocolate first thing in the morning or why I suddenly decide that she can’t watch TV on a Saturday morning.

She asked one too many Why and I banned that word. We have an ever-changing  list of banned words, which my dear one conscientiously adheres to. She accepted this new ban with a “Wh” caught right on time. In a few days she realised that this wouldn’t work and came to me with her reasoning. ” Mom, when you tell me to do/not do  something you have to also give me a reason so that I don’t have to ask you Why.”

Fair or not?


I thought so too but I still did not have answers…We lifted that ban soon enough and I try and answer most Why’s but can I tell her that I had lost count when she asks me Why she is having her 3rd bath of the day???