Karu Kara is the generic name given by T for anything that is crisp and she loves them! The burnt sides of toast, pappadams, Ghee dosa, chips..

Among her favorites is Achappam or Rose cookies or Kembang goyang as it is called here in Indonesia. Her dad loves it too…I  always thought it was very hard to make and I think people back home make it out to be a chore since over there, the preparation involves soaking rice ahead, extracting coconut milk grinding the rice etc. The Achu or the cookie disk also need extra care else the cookies wont come off once in the oil.

Here all I need to do is open the packet of rice powder, another pack of coconut milk, break an egg, add sugar and salt and elachi and mix it all together…

to keep my family happy for a day or 2 before a few hours of hard work disappears! Yes, I remember now, the frying part is indeed tedious, carefully dipping the disc in the batter so as not to fully encase it, frying one by one…. oh! it is not easy… let me go and hide the batch so I can save it for a few days!


2 cups of fine rice flour

1 egg

1/2 cup coconut milk

2 tsp sesame seeds

4 tbsp sugar

5-6 cardamom

pinch of salt


Powder the cardamom and sugar together and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Add enough water to form a slightly runny batter.

Heat oil and then heat the disk well in the oil before first dipping in the batter.

Fry on either side till light brown. enjoy!