I heard about this resort soon after I reached Indonesia. About these cottages that are built around a lake; where waiters on canoes deliver traditional food at each cottage, where one needs rows to get from one place to another. At that time, I stored the info at the back of the filing cabinet, single reason being that we are not into staying at fancy resorts!

Over the last few years the name came up many times in various conversations. Finally, this year I read a Jakarta Post article about Garut which included glowing mention of this resort. With guests coming from India, this seemed like a perfect weekend getaway.

It was a long weekend and we were lucky to get a 2 room cottage. A look at the website will tell you that this resort is not cheap. They are also very strict about occupancy, we ended up paying extra for the kids. Starting early from Jakarta, one could reach this resort in 3 hours time. The drive is quite pleasant if there is no traffic.

Initial reaction to the resort was disappointment at the size of the lake which turned out to be just a large walled in pond, but there is a calm about the place that makes up for it. The weather should almost always be comfortable since the resort is located in the hills.

The cottages are aesthetically made with all-natural and local materials, each one having a large verandah overlooking the lake and each allotted a canoe.  The kids (and us) had a blast rowing the boat and racing all over the lake. Sparing 1-2 accidents where one of the kids fell into the water and one of the adults almost fell through a huge raft that is used to ferry luggage or large groups, we spent 24 enjoyable hours at the resort. There is a huge fish pond with large carps where we spent most of our time, feeding the fish with pieces of bread tucked between our toes and feeling them slither over our feet and sucking on our toes. At some point everyone ended up in the cool pond along with the fishes!

The food at the restaurant was mediocre, the traditional fares that were periodically brought to the rooms on canoe were not appreciated by tongues used to a different taste and the room rate tad too hefty, but the experience in all was “osome” as T would put it!

For those living in and around Jakarta this resort is a must try! Garut, as a place is very scenic with hills on the horizon, winding roads which pass by bubbling lakes of grey goo, boiling water streams, flourishing vegetable and fruit farms. This place is also famous for its nascent geothermal energy projects.

Garut is also very famous for the gummy sweet called dodol and leather products.