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Sushi is my favorite food. well!… for now…. that is if I choose to ignore my occasional craving for tender juicy ribs or pani puris, or a heavily loaded sandwich or crisp kachoris, bagel and cream cheese, cheese cake.. ok ok stopping. Sushi is my favorite food!

Since the kids hate sushi, we rarely get it eat it, the older one wont even go inside a Japanese restaurant. I have tried introducing our visiting family members to this food with disastrous results; extreme shock at  seeing raw fish on their plate, walking out of the restaurant etc.

Sushi, Tuna Veggie roll.

A good friend once taught me how to make a basic sushi. As with everything else I do I have now adapted the recipe to suit my convenience, using local rice and whatever ingredient I have at hand.
After a long break I tried making sushi yesterday. To my great surprise  T (who is actually a bag full of surprises) got curious while I was cutting up the sushi slices and popped one into her mouth, she ended up eating 6 slices, stopping only to exclaim ” best dinner I have ever had!”. The older one only had one comment ” one more weirdo in the house” and continued to eat his rice, curd and curry!

Sticky rice and Mango,

Here is homemade sushi with filling of tuna, cucumber and capsicum. Dessert of sticky rice and mango, credit to http://www.wendyinkk.blogspot.com/ for the great idea.

I guess I will be making sushi more often and have reason to buy and try out more variety of ingredients. Also now there is more hope that the one weirdo in the house will come around and try new flavors!