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Bread making has been a constant all these weeks thanks(?) to the fresh yeast in the fridge. Every week, before feeding the starter I have to take out some of the yeast, which means I am literally forced to make bread.

Here are a few of the attempts.

This particular loaf was made with regular instant dry yeast  and a pinch of bread improver. I was very happy with the result; soft, dry and springy. In this picture you can see how much the bread rose in the oven.

Bread; bread in oven and out.

Another attempt here,  flavored with tomato pesto. I find that these breads are excellent straight out of the oven and are pretty good if eaten the same day but, by the second day it begins to dry out! Have to figure out the science behind it.

Before and after baking the loaf, Tomato Pesto BreadYet another loaf here..

Bread; french loaf