Ever since this recipe came out in the NYT this has been a rage in the blogging circuit. Everyone seems to be trying it out, The blogs and YouTube give hundreds of references to this bread in numerous variations. If you watch the video of Mark Bittman with Jim Lahey where he demonstrates this recipe you will see Jim at the end of it tell Mark to make sure that everyone has access to the recipe. So thank you Jim Lahey for giving away this recipe!

I never attempted this recipe for the sole reason that I did not own a lidded oven proof pot. The pyrex I own is too small. One day it hit me that I have an earthen ware pot which is used for fish curry and Biriani etc that technically should work just as well.

Again for this first effort I used the sourdough starter. I left the mix for about 8 hours outside and another 8 in the fridge as I was afraid the dough will go sour. After the first rise I rolled up the dough and did everything almost exactly the same as the original recipe. But I got the baking time wrong and gave it only 5-10 minutes without the lid.

Here is the result, not as browned as the NYT one, nor as holey which means I am going to have another go at it soon! The crust was still amazingly crunchy. The inside was soft and the tasted perfect, not sour at all. This recipe is a keeper! Thanks to NYT and Jim Lahey again.

Here it is again on the breakfast table. One can see that the inside seems moist and under cooked. It was cooked through but I guess not long enough..