That is my smile …. I just cant seem to wipe it off…

A casual glance at the events section in the paper, a few phone calls and a good friend(who kept the kids) and of course a hole in the pocket gave me a night I cannot forget for a while.

And Akon has a new fan!

I honestly didn’t know anything about this guy till two weeks ago we came across this YouTube video and the singer who was brought in by SRK just to sing Chammak Challo.

Further searching made me realise that I have heard all of his songs.. they are all over the place; even in my iPod. The song Chammak challo somehow stayed in my head, playing over and over for a few more days.

[ Aside : I honestly felt that they should have just got a malayalee if all they wanted was a flat nasal voice with a strong accent to do the song.]

Anticipating weekend traffic and crowd, we concert newbies ( 2nd one, first being a Sting concert in Delhi) were at the venue by 5. We were inside the gates a little before 6, early enough to be standing right at the barricade dividing VIP’s and non VIP’s.

The concert started only at 9, by which time my back was hurting and I was tired and hungry. Result of being clueless about how these things work. I called up my son, who was waiting for me to play him the songs on the phone not to wait up. He says to me ” yeah ma, I was wondering why you went so early.. normally such events don’t start until much later!!” well son, now I know..

To cut a long story short: I enjoyed thoroughly( have been wanting to go to a concert for a long time and forget myself ). Akon not only is a great singer but is an entertainer and a crowd equaliser. After the initial few songs he called out to security requesting  them to open the barricades so everybody could stand together. He said he doesn’t believe in separating people into VIP’s and non VIP’s. I fell in love with him then and there… Luckily, they opened the section where we were standing so we got to be close enough to the stage to hold the bubble when Akon rolled by.

Feel sorry about all those poor souls who paid double the money for VIP tickets and having to share space with the rest of the crowd.

And yes..he did sing Chammak Challo!