Even though I have been using the Internet for ages now ( I like to think I was among the first Google users, as early as 1999) I was always the quiet one online. Never one to post a comment or register or to leave my email id. As I have mentioned before, this blog also was started after many years of debate. Now I completely regret being overtly cautious.

I absolutely love this Internet space for bringing people closer, giving one the opportunity to learn anything and everything, letting you peep into others lives and homes ;-).  Now, being the owner of an internet enabled phone I literally hold the world in my palm of my hand!

My friend directed me to this interesting site http://www.pinterest.com. It works pretty much like a Google image search. It is a place where people can pin articles and pictures that interest them while browsing so that they can go back later or share these with others who might have the same interest.

For a change I registered immediately (done through Fb ) without giving much thought to it and even posted some stuff I made after being inspired while browsing through the site. I am still figuring out a lot of things there just like I am yet to figure out Fb even after 2 years.

So find time to go to pinterest and hope it leads to things that interest you!