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I have not added on to this blog in a while now. Well I guess the initial enthusiasm is wearing off…. Also after joining Pinterest at least a week went by just staring at those fabulous pictures. The rest of the time was spent wallowing in self pity and battling  jealousy at all the wonderful things those women out there are doing/making.

From all that gawking, Christmas cookies caught my eye. Since everyone seems to be making such beautiful cookies I naturally assumed it would be a breeze. The cookie recipe came from here, which as the blogger says is the ultimate recipe, one need not look elsewhere for anything better. The cookies look and taste amazing. For the royal Icing I used the egg white recipe from www.joyofbaking.com (cant find meringue pwd here in Jkt).


Well all I can say from this effort is that this is not an easy job. My cookies as soon as they were filled looked amazing but the icing just shriveled up on drying(reason:I added water to the icing to make my job easier…The trick here is to adjust the consistency with icing sugar and not with water.) Kids loved the cookies!

Definitely going to make another batch!