Wish the world a very Happy New Year. One in which none of us have to hear of Tsunamis or earthquakes or plane crashes or any disaster that is an act of man or God. Wishing for spring in few more countries without the violence.


I hope to work harder on the blog, which means improving my writing, part of which I believe comes from reading more.

I have to learn photography. I have been walking around with the DSLR and using it like a point and shoot. Shame!

Spend more time teaching the kids. IB schools give a rounded exposure I admit, but lately been bothered by how little academic gain there is. As an Indian mom I cannot just watch and do nothing about it.

Travel even more.

Pick up my books again and study. It is hard but I have to finish what I have started.

Lose the belly.

I started this blog with great hesitation but 4 months later I am glad for it. It has give me more purpose; doing something knowing that it might go up on the blog makes me work harder at it, always thinking of what to write about, how to write. My mind is rarely idle! I love having this little space that is mine, somewhere to go once the husband and kids leave. My kids seem a little Jealous of this blog!