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I have been itching to bake after coming back from Christmas holidays, but the fact that we got back with plenty of excess kilos on ourselves proved to be a big deterrent. Luckily, the first weekend back some good friends invited us for lunch on Sunday and as always, I just assume that I am expected to bring dessert.

I have been wanting to try the Tres Leches cake ever since my mom and dad couldn’t stop lauding about this cake they had during their US trip. The vision  of a butter cake soaked in milk and cream and topped with frosting never appealed to me till I saw the cake done in a rather simple way in http://wendyinkk.blogspot.com/2011/11/torta-dulce-de-las-tres-leches-ddl-week.html. I have mentioned Wendy’s blog before also. She has some simple, very doable recipes that are explained and presented quite well. I find myself going back to her blog very often.

I especially was drawn to the recipe from seeing her sponge. As given in her instruction I beat the egg sugar mixture for a good 8 minutes before folding in the flour. The result was a perfect evenly risen sponge cake. I omitted the dulche de leche and used condensed milk, the cake was left soaked for 24 hours. The frosting was made folding together my favorite butter cream and  whipped cream(to abate the sin). The cake was soaked just right with hardly any milk seeping out as I feared it might. It also held its shape after cutting.

There were few more families at the lunch and every one oohaahed  the cake!