Did I read about a bloggers’ dilemma somewhere? Is there such a thing? I am certainly going through a dilemma of not having anything to write about; My kids have not made any wise comments meriting a mention here, I have not traveled anywhere. Much cooking has been done in my kitchen which either looked unappetizing or didn’t pose well for the photo shoot!

I often wonder what bloggers do with all the beautiful food they make. Who eats so much? Especially those sinful desserts… A lot of the ingredients are expensive and a well adorned cake surely means a lot of wastage, which I can deal with, a few times a year for birthdays but I would die of guilt if I were to subject my family to all that sugar and cream and butter more often than that.

Like me, all my friends are in a constant battle with the bulge and quite a lot of them, much to my chagrin have learned to say NO to desserts (Something I need learn if I ever need to win that battle…) thus ruling out making for friends. I mother a nuclear family with a husband who needs to watch his weight, a skinny girl who does not need food and a boy who knows only 2 desserts, Payasam and Chocolate cake/brownie. All this leaves me with little motivation to make new stuff. I eagerly wait for invites to pot luck. My hand immediately goes up to grab the dessert duty but alas even those do not happen as often as I would like.

And hence this dilemma, more a disappointment at not being able to cook and create or even write.