7 year old in bed ready to sleep, big brother fast asleep in the next bed.

” Amma, chacha never reads the bible! ”

Surprised Amma :” Do you?”


“Well it is a good thing if you do but you know it wouldn’t mean anything if you just read Psalms 117” (The shortest verse in the bible which her grandparents introduced her to on the last visit home.)

“No ma I do read others but I don’t understand some words.”

“Well, you know what you are supposed to do if that happens…”

Sheepishly, ” yes , ask you”.


“To look in the dictionary”

Hesitantly ” Ma, what does it mean when we say we believe in God or not believe in God?”

After a rather long pause ” Well………… It means that you believe that God will take care of you and all the people dear to you and will give you all that you ask for in your prayers.”

“Amma, I think I always want to believe in God!”

Dear Child, do you know that my heart pained to hear what you just said? I am glad you have a conviction, but should I have warned you that believing does not mean that your heart will not be broken, that in spite of everything you might still face loss, hurt, disappointment, loneliness, pain in some degree at some time in your life? Should I have been truthful and said that  not all your prayers will  be answered?