Hmmm… Pav Bajis…What do I say about those flavor bombs? Stretchy Pav buns toasted with lavish slather of Amul butter. The veg bajji that fries for hours in butter imbibing all those spices till each morsel is an explosion of flavors that is essentially India. Sweetness of cumin, the heat of red chilli, tang of lemon, crispiness of the minced onions and nuttiness of Amul butter.

A pavbajiwalla can now be found on almost all street corners across India, even though it is considered to be a Maharashtrian fare. The Bombay Pav, mind you is not just any bun, it is a rustic, dry, stretchy bun that has not even a hint of sugar,unlike most breads.

For my pavs I use any white bread recipe kneaded with butter instead of oil. The once risen dough is made into balls and arranged close to each other before final proofing.  For the Veg Bajjis I rely on store bought Pav Bajji masala and instruction at the back of the packet. I would say it is the easiest meal to make on day when the veg tray is well stocked.

The real magic of Indian Pav Bajii is the Amul butter, something that tops the  my list of favorite things. I must also confess that Amul butter and toast that I snacked on in the last trip to India is the culprit behind the current battle that I am waging against the bulge.