More than a month away from the blog. traveling. hosting guests and being sick.. was yearning to be back..

Special day today! ūüôā my good friends brought yummy home made food and we had a lovely lunch together. Another friend came early in the morning with a lovely gift and wanted to learn icing, we quickly made my favorite¬†butter cream icing and iced a cake which she has brought along. Practice sessions!

Dear hubby after nearly 10 years of forgetting special days remembered thanks to our dearest daughter who tried to make the day as special as a 7 year old could.

I was promised dinner out at this fancy Turkish place where we have been wanting to go for a while….Towards evening my dearest even sends me an sms asking us to be ¬†ready by 7.

Half way home from the office he calls me..

“Hope you will be ready soon, I will be there in about 30 min, traffic”

“But dear, lets eat at home there is plenty of food at home from lunch”, I know he would enjoy the food my friends bought, not the usual fare that I make.

“No no.. I promised I would take you out”

“That is ok I am still full from lunch and I¬†don’t¬†want to waste what they bought”

“Are you sure?” I could hear the faintest sigh of relief at the other end..Going out for dinner is invitation to few hours stuck in traffic jam.


“Ok then there is someone with me who I am bringing along to have dinner with us… and have food ready the road is clearing!”

Did I pull my hair out then? no, but just stopped short of it as there was just  enough time to get dinner ready and myself ready to receive a guest to the house.


Thanks to my sweet friends, there was a table full of food which 2 hungry men ravenously devoured!