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After writing the last Kidspeak I suddenly remembered another amusing conversation that I had with my daughter.

This happened a year ago (May 2011) when Biebermania was at its heights and Biber was visiting Indonesia. My daughter at that time was only 6 and she was among the smitten ones. She had heard of the concert and asked me if she can also go.

I of course said no “coz you are too small and you will either get lost or stepped on etc etc..”

“But ma, X said Y is going and she is my age …..”

“Well dear, you are too small in my opinion to go for a concert (My first concert was at 28, heavily pregnant! ) , you can go where you want when you are older”

“But how will I know where Bieber is when I am big?”

“Reading the Newspaper will help you keep track, good reason for you start reading newspaper (Never miss a chance to stress points of importance!)!”

Her eyes filled and with a downcast look she says to me ” Ma when I am big what if my husband wont let me go?”

She was only 6 and it surprised me to hear her talk about a husband! Let alone think that a husband will stand in the way of her freedom! Did my life give her that impression? We have never broached the subject of a husband, and (we thought ) we brought her up to be independent and free!!

This is so different from my upbringing where we were made aware from a very young age that we would get get married soon after college. When I was shooting up in height at age 10 the biggest concern was not where I could get some basketball training but where they would find a tall boy!

Bieber came and went to screaming and fainting 10 year olds, leaving a trail of shattered hearts! My little girl has has grown one year. I always look at her and wonder what thoughts ride through that mind of hers and would give anything to know what is in there, only just to know that she is safe!