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It was another Birthday in the family, perfect occasion to inaugurate my new checkerboard cake set that was a birthday gift from a good friend! Resisting temptation to go wild and use rainbow colours, I made traditional vanilla and chocolate layers, on hind sight I was thankful for this decision as it saved me a lot of cleaning up afterwards.

Two portions of  the ever popular, ever easy, never fail – oil cake was used to make this cake. I divided the two batters between three nine inch pans but fell short by about a cup in the last layer. My mistake! if properly measured I could have adjusted the amount of batter going into each ring in the pan but that would meant another 10 minutes of hard work and some brain crunching math!

I improvised by inverting a steel glass into the middle of the last pan before baking, once out of the oven, the gap was filled with a cupcake and some crumbs! Thinking back I could have hidden a gift in the hole…What a surprise that would have been!

Thankfully no one found out about these glitches and even I forgot while cutting the cake, you can’t make out either can you? The layers are not perfect, I have to watch a few more YouTube videos before the next try ;-).

The frosting is Swiss meringue butter cream, only this time I tried to use a water bath while beating the icing (taking advice from another blog!). Everything went really well and for a minute I thought I might even get away with slightly lesser butter than usual but alas, the whole thing just seized up on me. Instead of fluffy smooth icing I was left with a buttery clump!

I still managed to clean up the mess and present a passable cake to my ever forgiving family and friends.