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Been off this blog for too long.. too many things have happened and many miles flown over… will have to talk about that later.

I just popped in coz i missed being here wanted to add a quick post.

This is an Angry Bird cake that I made for my dear crazy nephew who turned 3 last month. He is an absolutely wild one, never to sit still never to stop talking. His main interests are “muttan plane” (Big plane) and iPad (playing Angry birds on it).

Some time back, on a bout of confidence I had volunteered to make the B’day cake for the little one’s big day. As the day closed in I started to get nervous! I was not such an expert, also being away from  home turf meant that I did not have access to  familiar paraphernalia to make a decent cake. On top of that getting things done in India is almost impossible with the house always full of people and clatter!

Armed with my sister, a hand mixer and a few ingredients we moved to the the quiet of her apartment, all the kids dumped in my moms care.

Once the cake was baked and cooled (2 layers of basic sponge) and the Icing ready we managed to finish the decoration in about half an hour. We were so pleased with the result that we just sat back and clapped at our own work of art.


The design was copied exactly from Wendy’s blog..I should write to her and tell her that I have been copying a few things from her, 😛 ..Soon..

A few cupcakes were covered in green icing to make the pigs and 3 cupcakes put together into a triangle formed the base for a yellow bird!


The birthday boy and his parents were thrilled! I could tell…



I have used two 9 inch sponge cakes and about 600 gms of butter cream icing. After the last disaster with Swiss Meringue butter cream I was indeed nervous this time.. but since it is a favorite with me, and has failed me only once I was not ready to give up on it just yet!