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Indonesia was my home for almost 5 years after a very unexpected move. This place had never figured in my wildest dreams or in my craziest travel fantasies, yet I can only say that fate put us there and the last few years have been nothing but magical.

Last month I said goodbye to this beautiful country that I have come to love almost as much as my own. It had been the most incredible adventure yet, exploring Indonesia and the region, with its abundance of natural beauty and exotic culture. Chance took us to Indonesia totally clueless with 2 babies and just a few suitcases, we left with 2 nearly-adults, a container full of Indonesian junk and memories for a lifetime. 5 years of intense experiences and learning!

The most important part of this journey has been the friends we made in Jakarta, some of the most open minded and warmest people I have come across. Friends who have helped me at all times, taught me life skills, put up with me and loved me. I know I have left Indonesia a better person because of them. One of the biggest lessons I have learned there is to constantly seek. One could be looking for answers, a person, recipes, a place or a shop, a particular course, peace of mind, a friend…anything at all, but if you get off your ass and seek and you are sure to find it! Maybe not exactly what you were seeking, often better!

Life has now brought us to a place that we have wanted to be in for as long as we have been together. My dear hubby worked so hard (applying, writing tests and seeking recommendations) for a chance to be here.. yet it took so long! Lesson learned from this is that we have to make the best of what we are given without complaining, to take only the positive from what life throws at you!

Experiences have made me believe in the saying “If you really truly wish for something the whole universe with conspire to give it to you”. Though in my own words I like to read it as “if you stare long enough at any place on the map you will get to go there“.

I hope I have as many adventures here as I had in Indonesia.. I am yet to write on a lot of travel destinations in Indonesia.. will do soon!