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Having always lived in independent houses, my kids never had anyone to play with after they got back from school. Now, even though for a short time (as we are living in a temporary house, while searching for something permanent in the new city), we have 2 lovely girls who live next door who are great company for my little girl.

Last weekend they literally spend the whole daytime together playing pretend house and pretend business owners and God knows what else…By Sunday afternoon my 10 year old couldn’t stand it anymore (of course he wanted to get away from my lectures too..) and joined them for a while.

Later in the evening he comes back and says to me ” Amma, I think that little one likes me! you know, like-like, even the other two girls think so…she is always following me around etc etc..”

I listened to all that he had to say trying hard not to laugh out loud and slowly explained ” Dear, she is only five years old and five year old kids do not think that way”

Quickly the boy says ” Ya ya Ma, I know but you know kids these days!”

Now what do I add to that?

Later in the evening when the sister finally joins us back in the house, the boy says to her ” I told Amma about your friend, how we all think she likes me”

And my 7 year old says with the straightest face on her as if she is the ultimate authority on relationships and these are normal everyday issues ” Yes its true ma, she even tried to kiss Chacha (her brother) on the lips, luckily he moved away!”

Kids these days!