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Cruising through the most exotic place I have been in yet… Where the sun shines bright and cool breeze caresses, where the sky is clear and deep blue, where zebras run wild, where pelicans learn to fly from the backs of lazy hippos, where warthogs chase unsuspecting gazelles, where flamingos paint the landscape pink, where giraffes peep from tops of golden acacias  where the orchestra of chirps and flaps and swooshes is broken by the occasional roar of a lion deep in the jungles……or a little 7 year old voice coming from the back of the car saying…

You know you both are spoiling my life of adventure

I heard it clearly and also understood. I paused long enough for it to sink in before I asked the voice to explain exactly what that audacious statement meant!

Well, when I grow up and come to Africa for work or something then there wont be anything new for me to do