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This new year dawned with a rather dark shadow cast over the hearts of most Indians. The shadow of shame and anger over the death of the girl who is now known as Nirbahya!  The newspapers have been full of news  about the protests and demonstrations that are happening all over the country and some parts of the world against this and I am hoping against hope that at least this time all this uproar and fury will not be in vain.

Let this New Year bring hope for the women and children of our country, the hope that they can feel safe both in their homes and outside, in darkness and during the day.

My New Year wish is that we all can learn to respect every other human being without judging them on their beliefs, habits, bank balance, dress sense, education, lifestyle choices, skin colour… all those subtle differences which makes each one of us unique.

I, for the first time in my life slept in on New year’s eve, getting too old?