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My absence in this space has been largely due to our move to this new country and our efforts into settling down here..


Nairobi, they say is one of the easier African cities to settle into as an expat… but since our move was from Indonesia, where everything falls into place at the snap of one’s  fingers getting settled in  Nairobi, in contrast  proved as challenging as a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

There is a wide choice of decent schools, plenty of houses, various options for buying new/used cars… but still it took us a good three and a half months for all the pieces to fit! I could put the blame on ‘too many choices’, lack of efficiency and even on higher prices for this delay!

In Indonesia we found our dream house in a week and moved in a few days later, whereas here it took us one and a half months, many hours of driving through   lanes and by-lanes and talking to countless agents just to locate our house and then wait another 2 weeks to move in. I have friends who arrived even before we did and have yet to find a home. Most of the houses here are quite old and huge and as there is a stress on security the search becomes harder.

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The weather here is beautiful, the sun beating down in full force during the day, while evenings are pleasantly chilly. The extended rainy season has proved  God-sent to us debutant farmers. The rains have also  given us the joy of sighting a few brilliant rainbows high up in the sky while Jacarandas, flame trees and yellow acacias form rainbows on the ground!


Even though it is hard to pry out of the strapping spell that Indonesia has bound us with, I know I am slowly falling in love with this country and very soon I will be entwined in the thorny clutches yellow acacias!