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The kids are growing fast, however, it is not the jeans getting too tight or the new sneakers that have become too small that has got my blood pressure shooting up, it is in fact their ever broadening reasoning capacity!

The boy is now almost 11 and as warned by experienced friends “teenage” is setting in swiftly.  My days are spent in waging emotional wars, the ‘whys’ are coming back, not the same innocent ‘why‘ that I was bombarded with when they were little (to which I could get away with any answer or simply ban). The smile that never left his face is, these days quick to fade.

Recently during one such tirade, one involving some electronic gadgets.. I said to him… “Son, this is exactly why I tell you to study hard.. You get yourself a good job, make enough money and buy all the things you want and spend all your time doing the things you want to do, your dad and I do not have the money to buy what you are asking for”

Immediately came the reply, one that totally left me speechless.. ” Ma, Dad studied a lot and you say you don’t have money then what is the point in studying!”