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Fondant Icing

Fondant Icing

Making fondant icing has been a fantasy I have nurtured for a long long time. I have looked at countless recipes, notes and tips. I have had the ingredients sitting on my shelf for years. I have even bought the ready made fondant once just to know how it feels to work with this magic dough with which so many people have made such beautiful creations. 

Somehow the inspiration never came… a small reason perhaps is that deep in my heart I knew I will have to throw out all the effort into the bin before we can eat the cake. Anyway, the bahana (excuse) was our 14th wedding anniversary. I made the icing from scratch using the regular glycerin, corn syrup, gelatin recipe…

The result was far from perfect and as feared I had to throw it all away as I couldn’t let the kids eat the icing after all that ‘handling’ and of course my disapproval of the ingredients. But I absolutely loved the whole process… The icing took 20 minutes with the boiling and kneading and I didn’t realise how time flew while I played with the dough.

IMG_3727 IMG_3722

I just cant wait for the next occasion when I can try this again and definitely use the chance to learn the nuances of this great art. Right now on the lookout for some fresh ingredients here in Nairobi.