This blog got its name not for any affection for flamingos but for the the love of the word “flamingo”. For me this word always meant something exotic and conjured images alien to what I am used to.

Flamingo Flamingo Flamingo

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would get to live in the land that is home to millions of flamingos, After having seen these gentle, elegant pink creatures I have grown to love everything about them. We were lucky to have spotted them in Lake Nakuru, lake Magadi and also in Lake Baringo in Kenya.

After exactly 365 days in Nairobi, a time we used prudently covering every possible inch of the fascinating country and its neighbors, we chose to leave this land. In that short time all four of us fell in love with Kenya and Africa and it was indeed with great pain that we plucked ourselves out of that continent. 



We have now come to live in Trivandrum, my ‘hometown’, the town I thought I had left forever, not for any love lost but because I hate to call any place home.