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Let me make a small confession here… I hate cooking! I still have not figured out what has come over me… I have transitioned from a person who picks up the hand blender at the slightest provocation to a person who steps into the kitchen only if it is a life and death situation!

Which means I have a lot more time to do other things!

I have always been fascinated with all the creativity that I have seen in quilting blogs, but dismissed it as being time consuming and I was also never convinced about the utility of a quilt in warm India. My view changed when I chanced upon an Indian quilting blog which describes the process of making a quilt with left over scraps. I must thank Carol for what I hope is the start of a new journey.

Here is the result of my first attempt.


My stitches are not even or straight, but for a first time effort I am more than satisfied!

IMG_8334IMG_8329IMG_8336IMG_8330I found this method very easy to do. You add on the scraps as you go along. During the process I was pretty certain that I will end up with an uneven quilt, but somehow all the pieces evened out in the end. I added on the black border to give the rag quilt some width and embellished it with little applique and embroidery – for my daughter!

Here is a sewing machine cover that I made from the leftover scraps from the quilt.



Wondering if I can call myself a quilter?