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Banana Toffee Pie

I made this today to take to a brunch I was invited to. I am a big fan of this pie both for its taste and the ease with which it can be made!

Once we have the dulce de leche, bananas, cream and biscuits then it just takes 10 minutes to compile the pie. Dont get intimidated by the big fancy term here, whatever it may be, to me it is just caramelized condensed milk. Google search will tell you various ways to make this gooey goodness. Cooking cm in a non stick pan, microwaving, boiling a can of condensed milk for 3 hours etc..

I think I have found the easiest way to make dulche de leche. I was not ready to waste that much energy so I pressure cook CM can for 30 minutes (my mom says 10 minutes is all you need… got to test that). While I am at it I do 4 cans at a time as I have a large pressure cooker, It has the same shelf life that of the condensed milk. Here the only thing I watch out for is that the cans are completely submerged in water in the cooker. I also don’t hang out in the kitchen for that 30 minutes :-P!

First a biscuit layer, then a layer of the caramel followed by sliced bananas and topped with whipped cream. There you have an eggless, easy slice of heaven!

It is a must try recipe for anyone….

Banoffe Pie